Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday Surprise

All dressed up with no where to go! Actually we went to church. The boys were watching Mickey Mouse while we waited for daddy to get home from the gym so we could leave.
Then we took the boys to Chuck-E-Cheese for lunch a bit of playtime afterwards

How sad is it that I really enjoy this place? For $20 all 4 of us can eat, drink, and play for a good hour and a half. The rides are all 1 coin each and sometimes the boys just play around pushing buttons. We have gone in there and not spent a dime (quarter)! Plus we usually get enough tickets for the boys to get a prize each. So it's usually a rubber spider of a sucker, but it's a prize that makes the ride home enjoyable and they won't miss when it gets thrown away (by mistake of course).


starnes family said...

Of course by mistake! Cute post.....the boys are so cute......can't believe you'll have 3 soon! I'm so jealous.

Chuck E Cheese can be a total beating and a total blessing. Depends on your mood at the time and also how busy it can be! We enjoy it, too, though.

Deelsu said...

Chuck E. Cheese. I loved that place as a kid - even had a bday party there one year.
But.. as an adult? I used to take my nephew and 2 nieces there when they were kids and it made me a nervous wreck!
As my b/f/f says.. at least they serve beer :)