Friday, August 28, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

Or any flower....that's what we did at the Arboretum on Thursday
We woke up Thursday morning to a very cloudy sky and the weatherman said the high was in the mid 90's. It looked like the perfect opportunity to do something outside for the morning hours. The Bonus-it was $1 days at the Arboretum all month long. So at the breakfast table I asked if any one was interested in going.
Connor-Yeah, is that like the mall?
He must of thought I said Galleria-he kept calling it that all day. That ought to tell you where we spend too much time. HA!
Colton was far more interested in the mud puddles than the flowers-or anything else for that matter. Of course he had to be jumping in the water with his good leather sandals on. Oh well, it's the end of the season right. They should be good and dried out before Baby C needs them! I know some moms freak out about kids getting messy or wet, especially out in public or in their good clothes. He was having too much fun to get upset about it. And I was a little surprised because normally he doesn't even like his hands dirty. His boy-ness was out in force for this one! He was soaking wet before it was all over.

There were several story-book houses out, each one went with a different fairy tale (I guess uncommon ones because I had never heard them before). It must be a summer thing because they were set up where the pumpkins usually are in the fall. We don't spend much time at the Arboretum when it's 500 degrees outside so I am not sure if this was a special this year or an annual thing. I was not so impressed with the houses and quite frankly, neither were the boys. They ran through them very quickly. Connor wanted me to take a picture "about him" sitting on the bench-above.

This one had a fantastic garden though....

This okra was huge!

I think this is an eggplant?? Connor was holding it a little too well for the photo.

Connor was trying to sneak in a little brotherly kiss but Colton was not into it

Below is the spot where Jon (Mark's little brother) got married in 2006. It is one of my personal spots in the garden. It is so beautiful and peaceful with an excellent view of the lake. There are several paths off this area that are not accessible by stroller, unfortunately. This would be the place to go if you wanted to write, draw, pray, or just sit and think.

I threw in this old picture. This is what Connor wore to Jon and Charlene's wedding. He was about 6 months old. This is part of the reason I love this spot in the Arboretum. It brings back such sweet memories. Sometimes I have to go back and look and pictures like this when Connor is wearing on my patience. It usually helps. I mean just look at it, how could it not!

The following pictures are from the Pioneer Section of the Arboretum They have a covered wagon, a mud house, an old school room and hospital room. This was our first time in this section because it is usually closed off when we are there. This visit we ran through them quickly as Big Mamma was fading fast!


Deelsu said...

too cute. Esp. that baby picture! We had okra like that in our garden growing up!

starnes family said...

I love the Dallas Arboretum.....lots of cool stuff there. We saw some similar houses just before we moved.....not sure how they rotate them.

They have a beautiful "autumn" (pumpkins) show with lots of mums and then a fun holiday one, too....complete with reindeer and carriage rides! Check into it if you're interested. It's so my kind of venue for kids.....lots to discover and tons of room to run!