Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is it bad

Is it bad that I am so lazy I didn't empty the dishwasher all day and so tonight I just added today's dirty dishes and I am gonna run it again tonight?

Good thing it wasn't very full last night!


starnes family said...

If that is bad, what does it say about me that I re-wash clothes b/c I let them sit in the washer too long?

You're OK in my book.

Coco said...

I am so glad that others do this. I thought it was my little secret.

And if the dishwasher doesn't get something off a dish, I will just keep that dish in there until it is clean.

Deelsu said...

haha! I'm pretty anal about those things so I couldn't do it or my OCD would get to me :(
Good for you though! At least you're laid back!

Anonymous said...

Gary does that and claims ignorance to the fact the dishes in it were clean.