Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby C Update

The countdown is on with only 3 months left to go. Baby C is kicking like crazy, mostly at night of course! You can even see and feel it from the outside now, which I always love!
I am not usually one to complain because I figure any ache or pain is temporary. But I could bitch from here to Friday. I have been going along this whole time thinking this was my easiest pregnancy ever. Heck I could have a dozen more.

And now I feel like I have hit the wall. I not only hit the wall, I ran into at about 100 miles an hour! I am tired and can't sleep. I am having a really hard time breathing. I have to sit down after I walk up the stairs. My chest hurts at night trying to just breath so bad that it is affecting my sleep (that and the belly in the way and the peeing all affect my sleep). I did have my sugar test yesterday and they will also check my iron levels. My doctor suspects that my iron is low which is why I feel winded. She also suggested I not eat or drink for several hours before bed to help with the breathing. She said is probably reflux. So I tried it last night and it did help! I also slept most of the night because I did not have to pee as much. My chest still hurt this morning. I actually think I just might be getting sick because I have been coughing.
See I told you I could bitch for a week!
I am still working out though at least 4 days a week. My twice weekly turbo kick class is my favorite. But my kicks are quickly becoming taps. Another week or so and I will just be marching in place. On the plus side, I have a killer jab! I pity the fool who ever tries to mess with me...I bet I could give a serious black eye!
And then there are my sleeping angels.

I will just sit and stare and them at night, especially Colton. I think about how big he looks in his bed. Then mind always goes to weird thoughts...am I doing a bad thing by adding another baby into the mix so soon. It's definitely different feelings than when it was just Connor and I was pregnant with Colton. It was just bitter-sweet emotions then. I was thrilled to be having another baby, but so sad that it wasn't just going to be me and Connor anymore. I think this time it is a lot of guilt because Connor is at such a crucial learning age and Colton is so far behind in his speech. They both need so much. I know it will all work out.


Deelsu said...

Oh.. wow. Great post. Not much help in the pregnancy or baby department. I'm sure it will all work out. Doesn't it always?

starnes family said...

It will all work out and everyone will catch up. And, you'll be thrilled with 3! I felt very much like you when I was pregnant with Lainey. I had just had a baby! Always tired, always worn out. She's almost 2 and I'm just now starting to feel like myself again.

Encouraging, aren't I?

You'll be great, love! Just stay positive and give yourself a break now and then. You are a fantastic mom.

Coco said...

Three is fun. Not that I would know since I cant seem to talk Hubby into it.

And that winded thing, total iron problem. Same thing happened to me with Tess. Once I got on my iron pills I felt so much better.

azdonatelli said...

Cous - you will be awesome - what's one more?!! It's in the Chrestman gene pool to have lots of babies - way to carry on the tradition!! They will all feel loved and you will do an amazing job at being a mom of 3 boys! I wished I lived in the DFW area so I could come over and help out! Tell your husband to send me some miles and fly me out and I will help you when the baby comes!!

Reflux - if you lived here I would give you some of my meds! You know how those Chrestman pharmacies are or is that a Little thing?!

Miss you so much!!