Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wrap Up (with lots of pictures)

As we drove into our hotel day 1, I saw the sign for Rain Forest Cafe right next door. We have one in Dallas (Grapevine, but close enough) but we have yet to get the boys out there. I immediately told Mark that's where we were going for dinner. It was our first real dinner with all 4 of us to a restaurant without a play area. I was hoping it would be entertaining enough for tired kiddos.....and it was (SCORE!!!).

The Rain Forest Cafe in SA is actually the only 3 level location (good reason to go to that one right?). On level one where you can shop, they have an alligator. After we ate, we were looking around the shop and were staring at the gator. All of a sudden he roared and was chopping his jaws. It scared the crap out of Connor. Seriously Scared!! He actually started crying, which is out of character for him. But would you believe, we had to go back another day to see that alligator again. The second time around he was not afraid at all! Way to face your fears, big guy!

We spent lots of time just walking the River Walk. It was convenient and much cooler!! The boys liked the water and ducks. Mark and I liked the breeze and the atmosphere.

Our little cheese lover!!! This was at Casa Rio (I hope that was the name of it, my memory is not functioning properly). It was my favorite. The salsa is the true test and it was great.

Covered in cheese, saying cheese

We went to the Alamo on our last day. It was literally right outside our hotel. Much smaller than I thought it would be. But Mark and I reviewed our history lessons.

After the Alamo, I got a pedicure (compliments of the hotel) while Mark and the boys napped. Then Mark went to the Cowboys practice and I took the boys to the Children's Museum and the Texas Rangers museum.

The following pictures are all from the Children's Museum. It was fun, a small place, but just the right size for a tired mommy!

Then we went by the Texas Rangers Museum. We did not actually tour the museum but checked out the gift shop and restaurant. I was way too tired for one more museum.
Look Sissy, it could be worse!

We even took a swim on the roof top pool, but I guess my pictures of that did not make it to this post. Oh well, it was the boys (daddy included) in a pool!!
Vacation is over and we are back on schedule. The laundry and cleaning are both caught up and things are normal again. We survived and hopefully came back from this trip a little wiser.


starnes family said...

I'm just giddy with excitement at all of those outings!!!!!!!! How fun....proud of you, Mama!

Deelsu said...

yes, tons of outings! fun but I'm sure tiring.
That's too funny about the gator. As I have said before -- at least they're 'real' boys and he went back and faced his fear.
As for the Riverwalk -- I just LOVE it there! I've actually eaten at that same Mexican restaurant there on the water as well.