Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I know I am a few posts behind, but I wanted to post about our very last minute trip we are on RIGHT now.

Mark has been really stressed with work lately and it's not getting any better, except that his trip this week was cancelled. He sent me a text yesterday that he wanted to go to San Antonio tomorrow (today). He called his boss and got the OK to take a couple of days off, so here we are and on the way.

"San Antonio here we come" as Connor keeps shouting at the top of his lungs every few miles. It should be nap time now and he is still chattering!

So why San Antonio you ask? Because what better way to relax than with football! The Dallas Cowboys are having training camp there. oh Joy!!!! If you know me well, you know I could care less about football. The things we do for family. I actually don't mind football, but I hate watching it with Marky-Mark. He takes it so personal and can truly be pissed for a week when his team looses. Hopefully this will be OK since it is only practices?! And what better time to go to south Texas than August, right? Dallas was just not hot enough for me...HA!

Mark promised no work...well almost. He would only answer the phone for his boss. He has been on the phone for 2 hours. Maybe he is getting it out of his system, let's hope!

My goals, since I had only a few hours to plan, is Sea World, a couple of practices, a little swimming, the River Walk, and I guess we will see what time is left. I have to work on Saturday so we will be heading home Saturday morning. If you know of anything fun to do, let me know!

I hope to keep you posted.


If the shoe FITZ said...'re in my hometown!
There is a train near the zoo. And the zoo is a good zoo...but you've done that plenty in FW.
there is also a children's museum and witte museum..might be one on the same.
my sister usually takes my nephew to Sea World..he loves it.

starnes family said...

I was about to say....ask Jen!

I found a good site online....and then this, too.

It's the nation's oldest children's amusement park. You know I love this would be totally something I would do.

Click on this link for a ton of family fun outings:

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Deelsu said...

ahh.. training camp. Mark sounds like a die-hard :)