Saturday, March 21, 2009

Funny Sayings

Driving in the car this morning, beautiful clear sky, airplane flying above...

Connor-is my daddy on that airplane?
Me- no honey, daddy's not on a plane today. He is in Chicago.
Connor- Oh. Where's Cago?
Me- Chicago is in the state of Illinois.
Connor- Oh yeah, that's where Santa Clause lives
Me- No honey, Santa Clause lives in the North Pole
Connor-Oh. OK.

A couple of hours later on the way home

Connor-Mommy, is Santa Clause coming out to play today?
Me-No honey, not today.Santa is still resting from Christmas.
Connor-Can it snow so he won't be tired anymore and can come over and play?
Me-Maybe later

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starnes family said...

Love the things they come up with! So cute.