Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Cowboy

Tomorrow is Texas day at Connor's school. The parents are invited to a BBQ lunch and the kids will be singing Texas songs (which ever ones those are). They are encouraged to dress up in boots and hats. I did not want to buy these just for this occasion, so I have been racking my brain trying to think who would have boots and hats. Then it dawned on me, Denise. She had already given us some wrangler jeans(which are about the cutest things ever) and I remembered her telling us she made a cowboy outfit for Jake. So we went by her house today to borrow a few things. I will have to buy boots now because Connor has refused to take them off from the moment he first laid eyes on them. He even slept in them.

This is how I found him during nap

In true Texas Cowboy style...some tight Wrangler jeans

OK, so he looks a little like a bank robber here!
I told Connor he looked adorable and he told me he loved being "dorable"! And I'm glad!!
I will post more tomorrow after the "program" at school.


Amy said...

Too stinkin' cute!!! He is going to get you one day for that nap picture. :)

Pat said...

That's the cutest Texan I've EVER seen. He melted my heart instantly. Connor, I love you and hope you have fun on Cowboy day. The nap pic is TOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!