Friday, March 20, 2009


Who doesn't love Target? (Casey, I know you blog about this being your favorite store quite often). I didn't even really have a list today, just needed to get out of the house. And besides, do you have to have a list? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I think there is an unspoken Target law that you must spend a minimum of $100 every trip.

I knew in the back of mind that I needed bananas which meant Super Target (yippee!). So even though it was a little bit further away, I thought we would check out the brand new one. So worth the extra drive!! I have certainly found a new favorite location. They have great carts that seat 2 kids facing the basket (with working seat belts if needed), full shelves, and a whole new selection of goodies to look at that are not available at all stores.
I thought the boys would do better with a popcorn snack and an Icee. Well I was really hoping that it would keep them busy and I could shop around. It almost worked...mental note-next time buy 2 Icee's!!

I spent more time passing the cup back and forth than shopping. Colton loved his first Icee though! And check out the cool shopping cart.

Had to share this one...
when I looked up from buckling Colton's car seat, Connor had taken his shirt off and buckled himself up. I am telling you I don't make this stuff up or exaggerate-he is always naked or changing clothes.


starnes family said...

Target is therapy for me. To go without children is a night out on the town. Love that place.....even just buying household items. If I'm in a bad mood, I'll pick up something for myself and it makes me happy. Usually from the 75% off rack....a $3 tee....but I'm easy to please! Plus, that leaves room for me to buy ridiculously priced clothes for the kids. That, too, makes me happy. :)

The Lenzers said...

Target alone- that is usually where I go when Mark is home and I need a break. Isn't it funny that we can now consider that a night out? Agghh how times have changed.