Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sleepless in Plano

Both Connor and Colton are excellent sleepers. They go to bed at 7pm and don't get up until 7am. It is very rare that one of them wakes in the middle of the night. Last night Colton woke up about 10pm crying. I was just laying down to go to sleep with a splitting headache I had been nursing since dinnertime. I waited the appropriate few minutes, praying that he would settle down. No luck!!! I tried rocking, singing, back rubbing, snuggling in my bed....nothing! All the while my head is pounding and my eyes can barely stay open. I put him back in his crib-he screamed for 10 minutes. I went back up, this time it was evident he was WIDE awake. I shut his door and layed on the floor, he played. A little after 1am we came down stairs and I put up the play pen and turned on cartoons. I fell asleep (I know bad mom) so I am not sure what time he finally dozed. He was snoozing at 3 when I woke up to check on him. I thought for sure he would sleep in.....That's funny....6:30am WIDE awake again. Maybe it was that Icee?

And there are no pictures to go with this post because who is getting a camera when they should be sleeping???


starnes family said...

It's unusual to find parents with the same ideas about sleep. Our kids are the same. 7-7....but Lainey is even earlier at 6:15ish. I really think it makes such a difference in so many areas and I credit my kids who rarely get sick to this good habit. Sorry for the rough night, but kudos to your sleep patterns!

The Lenzers said...

I often get strange looks when I tell people my kids schedule, but it works for us. We have a great pediatrician who put us on this routine when Connor was just under 3 months and it has worked ever since. We can plan anything and everything around their schedule. And Colton often goes down at 6:30-ish himself. Connor is just now starting to stay up a little later. But i want the 7 to 7 to work as long as possible!!!