Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break Day 5

The excitement for Day 5 was Target and that was just fine with me. Truth is I think we were all too tired to do much, so when our scheduled play date was under the weather, it was no big deal.

I am not sure why I was so stressed about Spring Break because we did survive the week. With Mark being gone last week and through the weekend I was knew it would mean no break. Then I started thinking about my friend Casey who has been going 3 weeks at a time sans hubby and 3 kids, not to mention all the single moms out there who never get a breather. But it is times like this that make me really sad not to live near my family.

I am very grateful for the fun times we had this week and all the memories we did make. We got to play with alot of friends whose school and nap schedules don't always match up with ours. I am also grateful that Spring Break is finished and we can return to our normal routine come Monday.

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