Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Day 3

Day 3 of Spring Break involved a regular morning routine at the gym, minus the rush to head to Connor's MDO program. It's amazing how much more fun you can have when you don't HAVE to be anywhere. Then we got much needed hair cuts at Connor's request. I had briefly mentioned cuts a few days ago and he remember. (Mental note...don't make any promises to a toddler to get them to do something because they WILL remember it.) We went home for lunch and naps and met BFF "K" at the park this afternoon.
Connor told me he looked like a 3 year old with his new hair cut.

Looking good. Mark will be thrilled that I no longer have a barrette in his hair to keep it out of his eyes.

Hot day at the park today.

Connor and Haley"K"

Connor and Haley "K"

Feeding the ducks

Checking things out

All cleaned up

This one is blurry, but too sweet not to share!

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Deelsu said...

very cute! Gosh.. it does look hot there! My favorite picture is the one of him 'checking things out' :)