Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patty's Day

Elaine, Amy, and me

Linda, Elaine, and Jon

Mark, Linda, and Elaine

me and Amy
Linda and me

Saturday was the annual St. Patrick's Day parade and festivities. We always have brunch at Linda's house, watch the parade, and then spend the day out and about. The brunch we still had (and it was quite yummy Linda)but we opted to skip the parade since it was so cold outside. We hung out in lower Greenville for a while. I had to head home to relieve the babysitter around 3pm. It was a great green day and always one of my favorite celebrations. I was looking for St Patty's pictures from the past several years but they were not on my computer like I thought. I will add that to my project list so I can share some old pictures.

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